Monday, 12 January 2015

Back to Business!

Finally!  Back on the road again, without the calf sleeves.  Reduced weight in the backpack and shorter distance to cover, but at last moving again.

I did not completely waste the last fortnight, I mostly exercised my brain, jeez it was hard!

The outcome is no great surprise.  I decided that Western Hungary is the location for my trek.

Outside of the fact that I speak Hungarian, it is the logical choice for a trekking holiday for geriatrics.  The country is relatively flat (no mountains over 1000 meters) but with some spectacular scenery, alongside the Danube to the Austrian border and back to Budapest along Lake Balaton.
Lake Balaton
Having spent many hours on and, the greatest distance I will have to walk on a single leg of the trip is 30 km ouch!

Fortunately, Hungary is a country of thermal springs so up to 2-3 times a week I will be relaxing after my walks, in a restful hot spring.
Thermal Lake in Hévíz
A small matter worth mentioning is the fact that the cost of the Bed & Breakfast places where I will be staying is on average under AU$50 a day.

Have a good day.  I better get back to finalizing my bookings.

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