Thursday, 25 December 2014

Pain In The Calf

Resolutions of any kind can be a pain in…. my left calf muscle. I was doing my daily walk 15,000 steps, with a 7 kilo backpack the day before Christmas. At around the 8000 steps on the walk, I felt severe tightness on my calf. Soon after, I had to stop and take a taxi home.

Fortunately, I had some old friends in the cabinet. A set of walking sticks I bought in Paris about 15 years ago when I tore my left calf muscle. I used that for a month while visiting Paris, Hungary, Greece, & Istanbul.

It was a fantastic holiday. I got priority service at all the Restaurants, anyway!

After Boxing Day, I purchased a pair of compression calf sleeves from Rebel on Chapel Street. Sixty bucks, the things you need are never on special!

Now I can leave the stick behind and start from the beginning.

Happy New Year.

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