Monday, 16 February 2015

Bookings and Heart Bypasses

It’s a cold February evening in Melbourne (Australia)!  Sounds like science fiction but true. I am looking back on my listed goals, trying to assess what I have accomplished over the last two Months.

I have done well with the paperwork, the Hotel bookings, airline tickets, passport is organized, the budget is established. However, I still weigh in at 90kg, the same as two Months ago, so I have to give up my favorite supper, peanut butter and jam sandwich and road test carrots as a replacement. It doesn’t sound very exciting.
Epworth Hospital - Fun Times!
In 2011, a year after retirement, I had a heart attack followed by quadruple bypass. Never one to let an opportunity pass, I decided to give up cigarettes since I could not smoke in the Hospital anyway. It all worked out O/K and I haven’t smoked since but it is a straggle not to put on weight let alone lose the planed 10kgs.

My general recovery from the operation was erratic. The medication prescribed, Liptor 40mg, lowered my cholesterol to the appropriate level and I improved a lot in the first six Months.

Soon after, I started to stumble when walking and had severe muscle pain, apparently the side effects of the medication. I phoned the Doctor to inform him that I will stop taking the medication and will discuss it at my next visit. He convinced me to continue with a different formula, Crestor 10mg. It was certainly better than the original formula and I kept improving but only up to a point. I still stumbled on perfectly reasonable roads and fell over a couple of times so a year ago I stopped taking it.

Now I am not falling over and do not have muscle pains but it obviously takes me longer to get where I want to be. It must be old age. However, I am at 15 kilometers, with a 7kg bag and I still have two Months left.

It is getting late and I need my beauty sleep so goodbye and have a good day.

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