Monday, 2 February 2015

The Long Journey

Stick to a task, eventually it will get done. I finalized all my bookings 29 stop-overs in 56 days of tracking.

About half of them one night stop overs the rest 2-3 day visits.

When I left Hungary I was only familiar with Budapest my home town, my father’s village where I spent 1944-45 the worst of the war years and later some summer holidays. The Bukk Hills where we went with my school in 1955 for a ten day tracking holiday and most importantly, Csurgo, a small village 3 km from the Croatian border where my uncle and his wife lived. Csurgo was the perfect location for my purposes. It has shaped the rest of my life

In January, 1957 my family was able to obtain a travel permit to visit my uncle Joska for a family reunion.
Joshka and his Wife

One evening, I put on my jacket and went to the outside loo…  and then I just kept going.

I finished up a couple of hours later at the house of a Croatian farmer. They gave me a hot drink and a warm bed for the night. (I will never forget their kindness).

The next morning, the border Police took me to the refugee camp in Koprivnica.

I left Hungary alone and returned there for the first time in 1974, 18 years later, with a wife and two kids. We have been back a number of times over the years for one-two week holiday, visiting family, historical sights and natural beauty spots, always enjoyable and always in a rush. There are so many fantastic places in the World to see and so little free time to do it.

Me on the left and my two younger brothers.

Now retired I have plenty of free time and it is time I have a closer look at my Country of birth.

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