Friday, 20 March 2015

Melbourne and Moomba

It is quite pleasant to live in one of the most livable cities in the world and March is a good month to be in Melbourne.

Ten minutes after leaving my home, I reach the walking and bicycle path alongside the Yarra River.

Melbourne's Yarra River Bike Path
The river originates in the Central Victorian Highlands (approx. 240 km as the river flows) North-East of Melbourne and runs into Port Philip Bay.

Moving on toward the city centre, on the right side of the river is Melbourne’s sports precinct, the new football stadium (soccer), Olympic Park Swimming Complex, Lexus Center, the home of the ‘infamous’ Collingwood football club (Australian rules) and of course the Tennis Centre with Rod Lever Arena facing the river home of the Australian Open (Tennis)

On the left is the Botanic gardens followed by the Alexandra Gardens (my destination for the day).

The elimination rounds of the Moomba water-skiing championship are on with some of the world’s best competing for the title.

The festival started on the 6th of March, there are free concerts and shows and some very expensive fun rides available for the multitudes coming to enjoy the days.

9th of March the last day of the celebrations is a big day in Melbourne, it is Labor Day holiday. Why
would you want to celebrate Labor Day in cold May when you could have a long weekend in beautiful March and enjoy the Moomba Parade, the carnival the fireworks at night and have fun. (You can watch if you wish the official May Day functions in comfort at home on TV on the 1st of May).

The following morning, Tuesday, everything is back to normal on the river front. The dozens of boat
houses run by municipalities, sporting clubs and schools reopen their doors. The coaches as they ride their bikes along the riverside yelling instructions through their megaphones to their teams preparing
for the next competition.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Gathering all the Equipment

It has been over two weeks since my last posting. How time flies.

Some say, if you do the same boring thing every day, time seems to stop. It is not true, I do the same
routine every day, I am not bored and I never have enough time to do everything I need or want to do.
I don’t think it’s important what you do but why you do it.

Uplifting photo: Botanical Gardens Melbourne.
This week I was looking for a backpack, the one I have is not suitable for carrying a laptop. Since I walk everywhere, it took me three days to find what I wanted. Most backpacks with laptop compartments are small, 25 litres. I finally found one at Kathmandu that is able to carry 38 litres. It is just big enough for my needs.

Back to reality: On my daily walk.
Two change of clothes, computer, camera, water, disinfectant, Swiss army knife etc. 8-10kg including the backpack. During my trek I will be forwarding my suitcase to six of the main stop overs, by post or general couriers. This way I can alter my wardrobe with the change of the season. (First May to end June).

From next week I plan to walk 15 kg on most days. I will take photos and describe some parts of my town for those reading my blog from faraway places.

All the best to all.