Friday, 17 April 2015

Just Days to Departure!

Finally! Only a few days to my departure. I am eager to leave but not as well prepared as I wanted to be I had a number of setbacks and had to undergo a medical procedure to bridge the gap between casual walks of 2-3 hours, and 4 hours plus walks with a backpack for 3-4 "consecutive" days.

Today is my fourth day, I will be walking up (Yarra) river to Dights Falls. At Macrobertson's Bridge I take the Yarra Boulevard, from there the Capital City trail-bike/walk path continues.

On the opposite side of the river there are some excellent properties with boat-ramps, a rare sight.
Yarra River home with a boat ramp.
In Melbourne, very few properties have direct access to the water, there is usually a road,walk-bike path or parkland take up the water frontage. Going toward Dights Falls I pass a number of schools, the Collingwood Children's Farm and Farmer's Market.
Melbourne University, Burnley Campus
The Fall itself is a bit disappointing, it is fenced off so the closest I can get is about one hundred meters.

Taking the same road back I completed the 22km. trip in four and a half hours, I am very pleased with this outcome.

Yarra River Falls
I had some concerns about the weight of the maps I will need but, problem solved, my son decided to get a new Sony mobile so I inherited his nearly new iPhone 5 with GPS. I hope Google will guide me in the right direction during my travels.

My next posting will be from HUNGARY!

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