Wednesday, 29 April 2015

First Week in Hungary!

Having arrived at my brother's home and after a couple of days rest we decided to visit the nearby town of Godollo.
Count Antal Grassalkovich began to build his Palatial Residence here in 1741 and the family retained the property till the 1850s.

It was sold and eventually purchased by the Hungarian Government in 1867 and gifted to Francis Joseph and Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi) at their coronation and used as the Royal Summer Residence.
From the 1920s it was the residence of Governor Miklos Horthy.

During the 2nd World War the building was pillaged by both the Nazis and the Red Army. After the war Soviet Troops were stationed in part of the building and the rest was used as a social welfare facility. Following the departure of the troops in 1990 work began on the restoration of the property to its former glory. It still is a work in progress.
Entrance to the royal palace.
Count Grassalkovich assisted in the building of over 30 Churches during his lifetime.
A Capuchin Church on the way to Aszod has been a place of Pilgrimage since a workman dug up an Ivory Statuette of the Virgin Mary (13th century origin) during its construction in 1759.

Now the Church is part of "Mary's Road" a Pilgrim track from Austria through Hungary to Transylvania 1400 km. long (approx. 60 days walk).
Signage for walking track.
The track has two extensions, one to Croatia, one to Poland.
After a short walk on Mary's Road it was time to stop for lunch, following the road to Aszod we stopped at the Malackert restaurant. I do not plan to be a food critic but this restaurant deserves 10 out of 10. A very good day.

Fantastic soup (camera too slow).

Roast piglet and duck (cooked as a whole and
served) with mash potato and red cabbage.

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