Monday, 25 May 2015

14th Century Castle Oregvar, in Tata

As I predicted another day has arrived. My overnight stop is very close to Esztergom, but I just had to stop at the Old Fisherman's Hotel.
Old Fisherman's Hotel.
The building is old style with thatched roof, the first floor is taken up by lovely clean rooms, the ground floor is a huge restaurant serving a very good fish soup; people come for miles to enjoy it. If you don't like fish you can choose from a large selection of excellent food at very reasonable prices.

After a good night's sleep and a hardy breakfast I started on a 23 km walk,the first 20 km alongside the Danube, the next 3km inland to Hilltop Borhotel (Wine-hotel) - as the name suggests on top of a hill.  According to the map 350 meters high.  If you consider the ups and downs and the 20 km already walked it felt like Mount Everest.

I was looking forward to a warm bath and a rest but my day was only getting worse.  A tour group took all the rooms in the main building and I was given a room in a building 200 meters down the road, the ground floor was used as a storeroom plus some rented out office space, the first floor had three rooms, they must have been used and cleaned days ego, dried out flowers from the trees outside covered the floor of the bathroom and ants were having a party all over the unit. Unfortunately I had to stay as there was nothing nearby to go to. I have to say the diner and breakfast was good and the view of the vineyards and the countryside spectacular, but I forgot to take a photo.

As the saying goes, what goes up must come down - just as well.  I
 had an easy day going to Tata, my next stop. The hotel was just like a dream, beautiful clean room with a large patio, in-door swimming pool and a spa. Tata is a lovely small lakeside town with many streams and canals.  It was famed for its 18 flour mills, some as far back as 1587. It is unfortunate they have been allowed to deteriorate.
Tata's moated fourteenth-century caste viewed from the lake.
Inside the walls.
Most of Tata's attractions are located close to the Old Lake.  Biking, horse-riding, cafe-shops and the moated XIVth century castle (Oregvar) and to the south the Baroque town center rebuilt in the XVIIIth century having been completely destroyed during the Turkish wars. In the morning target Komarom 22 km. No hills!
Tata's parks and gardens in the spring.
Tata's parks and gardens in the spring.

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