Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hullam B&B

Since my surgery in October 2011 I was always recovering from something, first the surgery itself, then from the side affects of the medication (Lipitor) I was taking and later from the side affects of the replacement. The two main side affects giving me problems was muscle-pain and dizziness, I was often stumbling on my walks and fell over twice, so I stopped all medication one year ego and started a more intense exercise program in November last year. 

My muscle and joints pains appear to have gone and I stopped kicking the ground for no reason, dizziness is still a problem but it lessened over time so finally at Hullam B&B Balatonmariafurdo I hired a bike, I had it for the full day, thankfully the roads were deserted so I could get used to it and finally managed to go for a 15km trip, so all in all it was a great day. Going east is Balatonfoldvar, a nice holiday town on its own, being opposite to Tihany is a bonus, a rocky promontory with a Benedictine abbey on top overlooking the Balaton.
The abbey as seen from the boat.
Established at the request of Andrew 1st in 1055 the abbey has been rebuilt in the 18th century on top of the ruined original, Andrew's body lies in the crypt of the abbey church. Tihany is unlike most tourist destinations, the top of the hill swarms with tourists, with souvenir shops, restaurants, coffee and cake shops lining the streets but just a short trek inland it is a different place, the "inner lake" fills a volcanic crater 25 meters above the level of the Balaton, the path pass through vineyards, orchards, and lavender fields.

The village as seen from the inner lake.

Section of Tihany as seen from the inner lake.
The "outer lake" is mostly covered with reed and is harvested in winter and it also provide a sanctuary for birds.  I am going to finish this blog with a boast!!!!!!!!! I completed  870 000 steps today!!!!!!!

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