Monday, 1 June 2015

Kis Alfold

Being May the weather is a daily concern, but fortunately it mostly rains during the night, in the morning I have to watch out for the pools of water the cars might go in when driving by, I always wear shorts and a t-shirt while walking.  After checking in the hotel in Komarom I had my shower and went over to the city's thermal-bath next door, in fact the bath is surrounded by hotels and you get unlimited entry (included in the hotel price.)
Fortress in Komarom.
I enjoyed the spa plus two of the outdoor pools, first with temperature of 32-35 Celsius the second 35-38 Celsius. The therapeutic pools with high mineral content I left out, not knowing if the benefits outweigh the unpleasant smell. The second item of interest is the Monostori-Erod (fortress) built 1850-1871 covering 100,000m of internal court-yard and 32,000m of buildings covered with a roof  plus 1 meter of soil to protect it from canon fire. As so many things in the military it has never been used in war unless you call an explosive storage facility from 1945-1990 war.

Main square of Gyor's inner city.
The stand out town of the Kis Alfold (Small Lowland) is Gyor, at the confluence of the Raba river and a branch of the Danube (Masoni Danube river), the Old City Center is pedestrianized, you can look at the old buildings while having lunch in the middle of the road.  What can I say, Gyor is the nicest Baroque style city center in Hungary, you just have to see it!

Restaurant for outdoor dining on main square.
Two more days on the road on the lowlands 20-22km each, I can manage the distance on the flat road with 1 or 2 short stops for a drink, I started to enjoy the 'long-black' mainly because I do not like the taste of 'long-life milk,which is widely used.
Town Hall outside of inner city. (worth a walk)
Next stop Fertod and Nagycenk the home of Hungary's two best known families Esterhazy and Szecsenyi.

Eighteenth century street in inner city.

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