Tuesday, 9 June 2015


To go to Sarvar I decided to take some of the small connecting roads, usually they go all-over the place but this section goes virtually in a straight line, hardly any cars at all, mostly used by local farmers to go to their bit of land on their bike. A 3km section of the road is unsealed going through forest, a bit muddy but not bad. In the villages stork nests are a common sight in Hungary, but always a pleasure to see them occupied.
The stork is a common sight in Hungary.
Sarvar, "Mud Castle" might have been the appropriate name in the 14th century.  Its current layout and palatial interior is the work of Tamas Nadasdy, who hired Italian architects and made it a center of learning, the first Hungarian translation of the New Testament was printed here 1541.
The castle.
His son Ferenc continued in his father foot steps in supporting cultural endeavors and routing the Turks. His wife Countess Bathory has gone down in history as "The Blood Countess".  According to legend and history she tortured hundreds of women and girls, sometime biting bits of flesh from their necks and breasts and bathed in the blood of virgins to keep her skin young. What was the truth and what was part of a political conspiracy conducted against her and the Bathory family after her husband's death we will never know.

The one think we do know visitors do not come to Sarvar for its history, they come for the hot springs, it is one of Hungary's largest spa center, in the last 15 years the number of available beds in town increased ten-fold.
Boating lake.
There are many attractions for young and old, but except for the children, not many people could spend all day in the spa, so for us oldies as well as the young ones, there is horse-riding, fishing, boating, visit the Botanical- Garden or hire a bike and visit the country-side. I spent three relaxing days here, the morning I am off.

Horse riding school.
The best strawberries I've had since my trip to Croatia.

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