Thursday, 4 June 2015


While visiting the palaces of Fertod and Nagycenk the weather was not brilliant, being under cover most of the time it did not mater. However then I got up on the morning of departure it was the worst day during the whole month I been here, regardless I had to start so I put on the plastic tent to protect the backpack and the computer from the rain and I got on the road, I had the bike-path all to myself. I actually enjoyed the walk in the rain, once I warmed up regardless of the rain and temperature I never felt the cold.

Unfortunately things deteriorated somewhat then the bike-path came to an end and I had to share the road with the cars and trucks, the roadside was muddy and slippery and where was a  lots of water on the road so I got pretty wet. I reached the hotel in Sopron before official check in time, fortunately they nearly finished my room and in less then five minutes I could get in and shower.

After the shower I felt fine, I must be getting used to walking. During the first three weeks I completed 388,000 steps. Outside of walking I visited some historic and lovely towns, today I am in one of the oldest in the country Sopron close to the Austrian border. Just to prove the Eszterhazy family did not like to sit on there money they had a palace in Sopron as well.
A landmark in Sopron the Fire-watch Tower was originally built in the thirteen century and re-built on top of the original base after the great (guess what) fire of 1676, it stands 58 meters tall and the view from its balcony to the inner city and the Main Square (Foter) is spectacular.
Fire-Watch Tower
The Holy Trinity statue (one can be found in every Hungarian city) was made in 1700 and the Goat Church which is unique was built about 1280. My next stay is Koszeg I will stop over-night in two small villages to get there.

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