Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Zala and Salfold

The county of Zala, green undulating country side, fantastic to walk in, doted mostly with small towns and the inevitable spas. Citizens of the county are remembered in small museums, like Ferenc Deak chief negotiator in the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy or Cardinal Mindszenty imprisoned by the Fascists, tortured and jailed for life by the Communists, released during the 1956 revolution, given asylum in the U.S. embassy after the return to power of the Communists and finally allowed to leave the country 17 years later.
Museum in Zala
Continuing towards lake Balaton I go through Heviz the second biggest thermal lake in the world (after Lake Tarrawera in N.Z.) the temperature rarely drops under 30 Celsius even in winter. From Heviz it is only 7km to Keszthely one of the few "permanent" towns on the shores of Balaton, with its Agricultural University founded by Count Gyorgy Festetics as 'Georgikon' in 1797, the first of its kind in Europe. 

I will be staying in Keszthely for 3 days as my younger brother is coming to see me. We will visit some neighbouring towns together before I continue my trek to the south side of the lake. Badacsony  a volcanic mount has some of the best white wine in the country and there is no better place to enjoy it in than Kisfaludy Haz, half way up the hill with excellent Hungarian food and tremendous views. 

A view of the vineyards.
A little known village ignored by most is Salfold. 100-150 years old homes renovated to as new and the wide street turned into a rock garden, large boulders not completely covered by soil over the millennia are used to advantage.
My brother in Salfold.

Rock Garden
Rock Garden

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