Wednesday, 29 March 2017

March Update

Hi there,

The summer is over and in less than six weeks I will be in Europe looking for a suitable bike and learning the road rules. The 'painful' news is, I still have a problem with changing gear (this is my first bike with more than one gear). I changed too late to the low gear and the chain fell off, my foot
slipped off the pedal and I hugged the road, fortunately I wore long sleeve gear so the graze remained clean and healed quickly, even my strained wrist is almost right.
A stroll on the seaside in Sandringham.

The good news is, I have just cycled 73km with a pair of rear panniers, only seven more km to reach my revised target of 80km, with my remaining time in Melbourne I am confident to be ready.

Now I can turn some of my attention to outline the format of my blogs during the tour.

On my first blog in Germany, I intend to account for my activities in Donaueschingen. It may help someone, if not what to do, at least what not to do in buying a bike or planing a solo cycling trip.

Viewing platform in Sandringham.
I will only comment on accommodation if well above or below expectation. Trivago or my favourite has almost all the information needed for a safe choice.

I am taking my laptop and will communicate mostly by e mail. Wifi is available in almost all hotels and B&B's in all the countries I am visiting.

Spirit of Tasmania in Port.
I just ordered a Westpac Global Currency Debit Card. It should be less expensive than a credit card and certainly safer than cash. The exchange rate from Travelex was better before adding in the cost of city parking.

Almost ready to go.
I do have a problem with the telephone Global Roaming, It is far to expensive and having to pay for incoming calls takes cost control out of my hands. I did survive for many a trip with no E mail or phone so I might just do without a phone this time.

My best wishes to all.


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