Wednesday, 26 April 2017

First days in Donaueschingen

Hi there.

Now that the necessary evil is out of the way (30 hours checking in and out, transfers, flying, trains, with 2 transfers etc.) finally I checked in the hotel had a shower, diner and the longest sleep I had in years.

The next morning I woke up to the not unexpected (having seen the forecast last week), but undesirable heavy snowfall seen through the window, the sight is wonderful but it is not what I came here for.

Edi's Fahrrad-Shop.
After breakfast I went out bike shopping, the snow continued to fall covering the parked cars and the grass 3-5cm. the footpath and steps were slippery, all in all not the most pleasant day. I visited 3 bike shops and selected "Edi's Fahrrad-Shop" they have a good selection of bikes plus all the add one's you wish to get, for the advertised price they threw in a free back panniers to sit on the back rack worth over 100 euros, it will be ready to pick up Friday am. I finished my shopping mid afternoon and the snow turned into rain, by the evening all the snow disappeared.

Bike shopping is simple, lots of choice!
Thursday morning started the same as the previous day with fresh snowfall not as heavy as yesterday but still there, today I want to visit the town and find a way to sand my suitcase to Budapest where I will meet my wife and continue our travels by train (not bike) early June.

St. John's Church. Bohemian baroque style.
Yes I did find a way to send my suitcase with my clothing to Budapest, it costs a fortune but it would cost even more to replace them. The captions will describe some of the places I visited.

This spring as
the source of Danube has been excepted since the visit here of Roman general Tiberius in 15 BC.

The Danube Confluence, the rivers Brigach and Breg unite to make the Danube.

The Danube Temple is located at the site where the Danube rivulet joins the Brigach river.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Last post before departure!

Hi there.

During the last few weeks I have been saving plastic bags from the greengrocer to pack all my gear in, the panniers are waterproof, but better be sure.

Ready to pack, short sleeve tops left pannier, long sleeve tops right pannier.
In Donaueschingen, the average rainfall in May is 21 days.  I hope it will rain mostly at Night. The temperature ranges from 7C at night, to 18C during the day. However the weather forecast for my arrival in Donaueschingen is -3C  at night and 15C  during the day (where is Global Warming than you need it?) the fact that it is 650 meters above sea level does not help.

View of Melbourne up river.
The closer the departure date gets, the harder it is to concentrate on keeping up with the daily routine. Yes, I did the 80km ride in a day and yes, I rode 180km in 3 days with no ill effect but now I am really looking forward to the end game.

Left bank marina, a mini Cote d'Azur.

All new apartments on the left bank near Bolte  Bridge.