Friday, 12 May 2017

Ehingen to Bad Gogging

Left Ehingen on a rainy morning a large part of this stretch is through wet-lands (even before the rain)  the Danube was regulated years ago and a lot of the old flood planes are now farms. Much of the bike tracks runs on top of the dykes or alongside them, then running alongside they often are below the water level of the river. Ulm population 170 000 on it's most famous building the Cathedral construction began in 1377 but due to various problems (C.F.M.E.U.) it finally was completed in 1890 with it's spire increased to 161.5 meters 4 meters taller then Koln cathedral and the tallest spire in the world. To have one of the greatest religious monuments and the greatest scientific minds (Albert Einstein 1879) cumming from a medium size town ads to it's prestige.

Bier Akademie
Street photos. 
A nasty day going to Hochstadt the rain keeps fowling all day I got lost twice so had to ride an extra 7-8km. and then I arrived to Gundelfingen a very impressive town my camera's battery was dead. Than I finally arrived in my hotel, the owner was kind enough to help me find my bike by hosing down all the mud, due to extensive use of my Bike Trail book in the rain it got soaking wet I had to interleave the pages with toilet paper to prevent them sticking together ( I did not waste all those years in the printing industry).

Just a fancy building.
After a long shower I went out for diner, having a glass of wine while deciding what to order an American couple I met during the day and commiserated with about the difficulties following the road signs sat down at the next table, we started to chat about our trips they are only going till Passau the end of the German trail and after have an extra week to look and see so it was a pleasant finish to a bad day.

Street photos. 
The next town I stay in is Neuburg  pop. 29 000 I did a bit of cheating I took the train for the hilly part so I will make up the 25km.on a side trip but the bonus for me is I feel fit to go and see the old town, beautifully maintained old buildings the photos do no justice to actually being there. Diner time again and who is coming down the street from the opposite direction the American couple from yesterday 3 times in 2 days, they noticed a restaurant so we decided to go there we had a nice long diner and chat. I do not think any of us would be to surprised if we meet again.

The altar in a church
The 1st really beautiful riding day on the trip and guess what, after 10 minutes on the saddle I noticed 2 familiar figures in front of me I caught up with the American couple and we rode together for some time, mostly on the dykes wet-lands one side farms and villages the other they are riding on to Kelheim  and I am going to Bad Gogging  a spa town I want to compare it to the ones I visited in Hungary and I can safely say Bad Gogging did not measure up.

A photo of me.
The 2nd good riding day to Weltenburg  and then taking a 5km trip on a ship to Kelheim through the Donaudurchbruch  gorge next stop Regensburg.

The ship to cross to Kelheim. 

Looking back on Weltenburg.

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  1. Hi Tom, loving the pictures with those amazing beautiful old buildings. Your trip looks really magic to us from the safety of our armchairs, but we are happy not to be experiencing any of the discomforts that have confronted Keep enjoying as we know you are, & stay safe. Love from Eniko & Michael