Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Not Strictly to Plan

Hi there.

Friday was a good day, no rain, no snow, but still just 4 degrees (you cant have it all). The bike was ready at 10am a Giant Trekking cost just under 800 Euros with mud-guards, back-rack, front and rear lights with a dynamo in the front wheel and disk brakes, triple chain-ring on front and an 9 cogs cassette on back. 

All good, now for the test ride after 500 meters I had to stop I could not  see through my sunglasses just like in a car in winter but the damned bike had no demister. After 25km I called it a day I still need my nose and ears for the rest of the trip, however I did buy a wind protector and tested it on Friday it is like a tube of cloth just pull it over the head then pull part up to the mouth nose or eyes, it appears to work but maybe it was just a better day, I rode over 50 km and I am ready to start.

On my test ride the snow started to melt.
Not strictly to plan- I allocated 7 days for Donaueschingen to buy the bike and dispatch my suitcase to Budapest, unfortunately the website for bike shops had no English version so I could not be sure to find the bike I wanted but all 3 main shops are very good (it seems so far at least) so I did not have to go to Freiburg or Strasbourg. I could have saved 2 days expenses if I just known.

Religion and
Government co-exist in a small town.
Sunday is a really fantastic spring day, all the outdoor restaurants and cake shops are full. This morning I visited Triberg a lovely small town with Germany's highest waterfall just 2-3 hundred meters from the town center, the water falls 160meters over 7 cascades, there is plenty to see and do for all. The Black Forrest occupies 11 000 square km. and anyone staying in registered accommodation in the more than 145 communities can get a " KONUS" card ( www.blackforest-tourism.com/info/konus ) giving free rail and bus transport and discounts on many other services it can save 100's of Euros and only takes 5 minutes at the hotel reception.

Souvenir shops near the waterfalls. 
Today is Monday the fantastic sprig day of Sunday is only a memory, it is raining non stop the temperature moves between 3-6 degrees and to top it of today is the 1st of May a P/H, Sunday all the shops were shut, today the same again, I had to pay 3 Euros for a half liter of water in a cake shop Saturday it was 75 cent for a liter in the supermarket.

Best wishes to all     Tom.  

A friendly squirrel. 

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