Saturday, 13 May 2017


I booked my hotel east of Regensburg for 2 nights I saved approximately $250 I figured bus to return for a visit $5 and taxi back to hotel $20 well worth it, and it is. It is even worth the one and a half hours of aimless wandering in a 6km maze. Take the section of Melbourne with the giant wheel and then triple it you have it about right.
Fortunately a cyclist took pity on me and guided me to the hotel a good 15 minutes x 2 detour for him, he certainly did his good act for the day.

Regensburg (pop. 36000 is regarded as one of Europe's best-preserved medieval cities.The Romans built a fort here to control there northern borders. when the Romans left Regensburg become the capital of Bavaria from 530ad. The old town is a UNESCO heritage sight and it is easy to see why from the photos lovely squares, narrow alleyways and the old stone bridge.

All the best.     Tom.

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