Friday, 26 May 2017

To Vienna

It was not a bad day the wind died but going through the forest lots of small broken branches littered the path, only 48km to Melk (pop. 5300).

The Benedictines abbey.
The Babemberg princely family moved to Melk in 976 and made it the capital of the eastern borderland of the H.R.E., in 1089 Leopold the 2nd  gave his castle to the Benedictines who used it as the base for a new abbey. 

Nowadays it is a major tourist attraction and the abbey houses a school for 900 students. It is a must stop destination for Danube cruise ships.

The morning noise of rain woke me up, I knew the good weather would not last. Fortunately the rain was only light and I did enjoy riding through Austria's finest wine growing regions the "Wachau". Centuries old tradition of producing wines has turned the steep south facing slopes into terraces " stairs to the heavens" called by the locals, in more ways than one.

I arrived to Krems (pop. 24000) mid afternoon had a long hot bath (just in case you are wandering then I mention a long hot bath or shower I mean the politically incorrect 20-30 minutes experience not a 4 minute wash) and a good rest, a nice diner washed down with an excellent white.
The remains of the gate to Krems.

Klosterneuburg (pop. 25000) is just 13km from Vienna but as the 3 photos show it has just reason to want to remain separate.

All the best to all. Tom. 




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