Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tomorrow I will finally hit the road...

But today I will use my free train ticket to visit the biggest city in the Black Forrest region Freiburg.  A city is just a city but the 'old' Freiburg is certainly worth a look,  Many of it's buildings are from the 15th and 16th century and to see the magnificent Cathedral with it's leaded stain glass windows is a unique experience. 

I was in general impressed by bike parking facility's provided at railway stations, may even get your family 'cage' to hold 2-3 bikes, what you see on the photo is only one quarter of the available parking at Freiburg. 

Finally the Big-Day---The Danube Cycleway has it's official starting point so I made sure to ride by it on my way to Tuttlingen, the rain was not heavy but not a pleasant ride. The famous sinkholes could not swallow all the water (to much rain), so I rode through pleasant country side and got lost for 15-20 minutes but I still arrived at Tuttlingen population 27 000 and a lovely town. 

It is a major producer of surgical instruments and medical appliances with over 300 company's producing 50% of world output. 

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