Friday, 2 June 2017

Szigetkoz and Gyor

Hi there.

I have been to Gyor before, as you can see on the photo it is a bike friendly town (bike station with pump and water).  

If they also had a tourist map connecting the internal bike paths to exit paths it could really be useful. It is my favourite mid size town (pop. 130,000), it sits at the confluence of the Mosoni Danube and Raba rivers.

It was always an industrial town surrounded by the Small-Alfold  on three sides and 'Szigetkoz' a large wet-land to the north, crisscrossed by lakes islands winding streams and rivers where the holiday-maker can put-up a tent or sleep in a luxury spa-hotel.

I never had the time to see the wet-lands before, now I walked and rode through some small villages and had a boat ride through some isolated spots. I highly recommend it. Invest in a can of mosquito repellent 1st.

All the best to all.       Tom.

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