Thursday, 4 July 2019

The Great Spa Tour of 2019

During my previous visits to Hungary I always enjoyed the odd days spent in the famous spa towns Heviz, Komarom, Zalakaros etc.

When planning a biking tour for the 2019 European autumn I decided to make it into a spa-based tour, stay overnight to rest, discover interesting sights and depart the morning from towns with no spas, but stay 2-4 nights in towns with spas, use it as a base to discover the surrounding countryside and return in the soothing waters for a couple of hours before diner. It sounds like a plan, 8 spa-towns 22 days plus 8 overnight stopovers 10 days (in Hortobagy and Opusztaszer I will spend 2 nights, just too much to see for one afternoon).

My planed daily routine, check out of hotels at 9 am, check in next hotel 2-3 pm, that is 5-6 hours of sightseeing and commuting during the 40-60 km ride. Have a shower and a short rest get to know the town have diner and plan next day’s activities. It is better to be safe than sorry, so I do as much preliminary work as possible.

Hotels with a 3*+ rating usually have reasonable information and staff available all day till late evening to assist, apartments and guesthouses don’t, they might be open at predetermined times or just e-mail you a password to obtain your keys. The big bonus is of course a 30-60% lower price for the same quality room. Always try to get rooms rated above 8 out of 10 and located in proximity of well rated cafeteria and restaurants. With the broad outline of the planning done I can now focus on selecting the daily excursions and apply my efforts to the physical demands of the tour. My target is one third above the likely distance I need to cover (60km), so 80 km a day.

Melbourne bike path’s here I come.

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